Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yogurt Land

It seems as if New York has been blown away by frozen yogurt franchises recently such as Red Mango, Yolato and of course, Pinkberry. For all of you who enjoy these soft serve desserts, here is something to look for. Yogurtland only has one location in New York (so far). Unlike Pinkberry (and it's followers), Yogurtland has tons of flavors including strawberry, peach and chocolate. Yes, you heard correctly, chocolate! Even better, Yogurtland is self serve, meaning you can take as much as you please and mix as many flavors. The toppings are unlimited as well, and include fresh fruit, chocolate chips and more. Once you are done serving yourself, you take your cup to the cashier who weighs it and then charges you $0.39 per ounce, affordable!

Yogurtland is located on 267 Bleeker Street, in Greenwich Village. Check out their website until you get there.

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