Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bag on a Bag? Has M.J. Gone too Far?

Marc Jacobs has recently designed a new bag. The buyer just happens to get more for their money, because when they buy a purse from Marc Jacobs' line of bag on bags, they in fact end up with a purse and a clutch...attached to one another. These come in several styles, shown above is the red sequin and leather combo and the lace and mesh combo, priced at $2650 and $2,100, respectively. The front pouch may just be one of the most innovative design ideas in a while, but it is not completely original. These bags may well be an homage to an old line of Hermes bags. Sure the pouch may serve some organization means, but is having it in such an open location very safe or practical? These bags are brilliant in concept, but are probably a step to far for the present world, they would most likely do better at a museum than on the sidewalk. All in all, these purses are avant-garde, but are just not ready to wear.


Katie cat said...

those are kind of neat! when I first looked I thought it was an image of a clutch on the 2nd bag. very cute though, great find!

Anonymous said...

these bags are adorable!
they must be kinda heavy tho...lol