Friday, February 29, 2008

This Weekend's Sales (They're Good)

This weekend there are several great sales going on.
The barney's warehouse sale is coming to an end on sunday, March 2, an excellent time to stack up on tons of goodies. By sunday everything will be an additional 75% off, so you end up with great savings. Do not come expecting to go shopping at a department store, this sale is a mess, tons of women, long lines and no sales people.
255 W. 17th street. Get the link here.

The annual Intermix Warehouse Sale is this weekend as well. This one has a much smaller selection but is much more organized. There is a designer only section filled with great last season buys, but most of them are still a bit pricey. Sale ends sunday, at the metropolitan pavilion, just a couple blocks away from the barneys warehouse sale. 125 W. 18th street. Get this link here.

The semi-annual Calypso Christiane Celle sale is this weekend. They have tons of flowy dresses and skirts and cute bathing suits. There aren't any well known designers but tons of good quality things. In this case, it is worth waiting until the last hour, because at that point they are just trying to get rid of everything. Ends this sunday, 426 Broome street. Get the link here.


Anonymous said...

what did you get!?

libiem said...

Well, I got a dress, black, a cute diane von furstenburg dress/top thingy, that i might just ebay, a polo, a white top and a marc jacobs shirt that i gonna ebay..... all from barneys, i didnt go to intermix, and calypso sucked. i went to return a bag i bought that i dont really like anymore, but they would accept it!! ugh!