Saturday, February 16, 2008

TopShop Coming to NYC

Topshop, the well known European franchise has just signed a lease for its first American location, which will open in Soho. Construction is well underway and the store is going to be huge. The store is set to open this october and the exact location has not been confirmed.Topshop is basically the European version of Urban Outfitters, but unlike urban outfitters, it sells only topshop brand clothing.
Just recently MNG by Mango, a European H&M has opened the doors of its Soho flagship store, and it has been a success. Now it seems like the only thing they have that we do not is those old fashioned telephone booths.
Topshop has gotten its recent fame for its line designed by supermodel Kate Moss. Her clothes have been available at opening ceremony and Barneys NY, but based based on the warehouse sale, it seems as if Barneys is trying to get rid of it. The line has been selling for significantly higher prices at these two stores than in Europe, but at the new Topshop, prices will match those in Europe, so Barneys and opening ceremony will probably stop selling that line of clothing. Kate Moss has recently signed to design three more lines, so you will be getting a taste of her chic style.
Topshop spokesman Andrew Leahy has confirmed that the company is still looking for spaces, for an additional one, or possibly two manhattan locations. Sure October is a while, but until then, you can do your Topshop shopping here.

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